Sunday, October 10, 2010

I absolutely fail at taking photos.

FunnyFace Beauty had (well, technically still has, for a bit) a Dare to Wear challenge going on.
From this challenge I learned several things.
1. Flash photos are a big no-no for my wrinkly-scarry skin.
2. Lying down while taking a photo makes my face look swollen up.
3. I utterly fail at taking photos in general.

So, I not-so proudly present... this:
Excuse the state of my eyebrows. I didn't really have time to fix 'em.

And this is what normally happens:

"Are you taking a photo? I wanna be on the photo!"

"Photo time again?"
So, it's now just a bit past midnight here, and I still have make-up to remove, need to get up at 7 sharp tomorrow morning. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey!

    Thanks so much for doing this. I love it! The winged out eyeliner looks great and its a great alternative to feather lashes (who really has those?). Thanks so much for doing this! I can't believe how talented everyone is, including you. I hope you will take my next challenge. Can't share too many details but it will be for charity.

    Thanks again