Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PowderBuff girl vs GNLD Purifying Facial Scrub

This is something I've used for a long, long time. My first tube was given to me for Christmas by my grandma (who is actually part of their pyramid-scheme sales representatives). And I love it.

The product comes in a rather minimalist black-and-white no-nonsense tube (as you can see). It's a brown-ish gel with walnut shell particles in it and it smells a bit like wheat.

Why do I love it? My skin feels absolutely great after using it: smooth, soft and ready to absorb all the goodness in my moisturiser. And you only need a tiny little amount of it to make your whole face and neck look and feel wonderful. One 100 ml tube lasts for about a year in my case.
The gel lathers up (which is a big plus in my book), so if you're looking for a creamier product, this might not be for you. Which brings me to another issue:

The actual scrubbing particles are rather big and may be a bit harsh on some more delicate skintypes, so this may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin.

This isn't a luxury brand product in any way, but I'm always broke... And if it weren't for my lovely grandma (who by now knows, that this little tube is a perfect present for me for pretty much all occasions) I doubt I'd actually be able to afford this (even though I'd try, because I DO love it).


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