Monday, October 11, 2010

PowderBuff girl vs Farmasi Berries Body Scrub

If you've read my "woe is me" post from last week, you might be aware that I got myself a brand new body scrub.
Yup, this one.

It smells absolutely divine (raspberry-divine) and looks a bit like yoghurt with a tad of ground coffee in it. It's not really yoghurt and those scrubbing particles ain't really coffee grounds, they're apricot kernel bits.

It's non-foamy and even though I know some people like that, I would much rather have something that lathers up on me. And there could've been more apricot kernel bits, if you ask me. So, I mixed in some ground coffee. (Yes, I do have a jar of coffee in my bathroom, doesn't everyone?) The coffee made it smell even better. It's crazy!

Just for the sake of trying it out, I actually used it without my added particles. It was nice and hydrating and smelled good, but it just didn't do its scrubbing job. Once I stuck my hand in my coffee jar, though...
I loved it. If it were a foamy-lathering scrub I would love it more (oh, and I do wish the lovely smell would linger on me just a bit longer).

All that aside, I probably wouldn't buy this again. Despite the awesome smell, I do love my bubbles, can't help it. And even though I do have a jar of ground coffee in my bathroom, I'd much rather have the product contain enough scrubbiness without me having to add stuff.


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