Friday, October 8, 2010

Woe is me

A friend of mine dropped by at the place I work today.

Apparently Lancome's Hypnose mascaras had been on sale in Kaubamaja and I had absolutely no idea. I got my latest paycheck today. So I called a colleague and asked her to cover for me for an hour or so, so that I could rush to Kaubamaja and get my hands on it.
Guess what? They were sold out. So woe is most definitely me.

I love Lancome's mascaras with all my heart (and with all my eight lashes) and I can almost never-ever afford them due to being, well, poor as hell.

So, I've been grumpy all evening, but I did decide that since I couldn't get my beloved mascara, I'm sort of allowed to purchase other stuff (despite the fact that I did promise myself, I would only buy stuff that  a) I don't have, but need; or b) have ran out of).

So, I got myself

  • a new body scrub (my current one will be empty soon; well, soon enough anyway).
  • an eye make up remover (because it was 50% off)
  • two face washes (I have absolutely no excuse for this, since I'm currently using two and I still had five unopened ones before these two)
  • sunscreen (70% off and I use a lot of sunscreen products, so yeah)
  • a brightening anti expression wrinkles facial moisturiser
  • a cheaper mascara I hadn't tried yet
So, technically I spent a bit more than the mascara would've cost me. I blame the people who don't order enough mascaras for their sales for all this.

Oh, and I'm getting my camera back tomorrow. So, yay, you might get some photos to go with the posts.


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