Saturday, October 16, 2010

PowderBuff Girl Nails Ados

This is one of my favourite pink nail polishes - Ados's Tear 69. It's REALLY cheap, but I just love the colour. I'm not usually a "pink nails" person, but isn't this adorable?

The polish itself could be a tad more opaque (three coats is torture for me), and perhaps dry a little faster.
Three coats, natural light, Rimmel top coat.
I bite my nails a lot. And the skin around them. So, uh, sorry about my lack of proper manicure and weird fingers.

Since I'm cleverly thinking ahead, do you think I should add this to my first giveaway (a brand new bottle, not my used one, of course)? I'm trying to buy stuff for it, um, gradually; you know... a nail polish today, an eyeshadow tomorrow. Mostly because I feel like I'm spending less when I spread my spendings out over a longer period of time. Yes, I know it's silly.


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