Thursday, October 7, 2010

PowderBuff girl vs Rival de Loop toner for sensitive skin

Ok, this is something I bought because I needed a toner and was pretty much completely broke. It was really cheap and most of the reviews I could find (these are in German, though) were quite positive, so I thought I'd get it.

It contains cucumber and ginko biloba extracts, but it doesn't smell like either of them. I can't quite pin down what exactly it smells like, but the scent is quite strong and, uh, weird, but luckily the smell vanishes from one's face quite fast. I'm sure some people may find it pleasant, but my first thought was  that it smelled like hospital rooms. 

The really weird thing is that it's foamy. When I first got it on my face I spent about 5 minutes examinig my cotton pad and wondering whether I had forgotten to rinse off my face wash. Nope, it's just foamy and I don't like it. I don't even know why, I just have this weird little voice in my head telling me that toners shouldn't be foamy. 

And those German reviews I linked before all claim that it makes one's face feel really clean and smooth; mine felt weird and sticky. 

Luckily I have a friend from work who really likes this, and uses it for pretty much everything (she also claims that it's a rather good eye make up remover - I'm too much of a sissy to get toners anywhere near my eyes, so I can't really say whether that's true or not). So this bottle will go to her, because as much as I dislike it, I hate letting things go to waste. 

Also, my very first subscriber, yay! Mai has a really wonderful beauty blog herself and I suggest all of you who haven't seen it GO LOOK AT IT NOW


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