Friday, October 15, 2010

PowderBuff girl is swatching: Gosh Effect Powders

It's just too dark everywhere this time of the year. I actually opened my window to try and take some photos in natural light, but to no avail.
And flash photography is so unforgiving, especially when it comes to close-ups. I don't actually have uber-hairy arms, I promise.

But here are the Gosh swatches:
Cinnamon - Meringue - Lake - Copper - Blaze - Gold Dust
(Gold Dust only barely visible in the bottom corner on the first photo)
You can see Gold Dust better on this one.
Cinnamon actually looks much less brown in natural light and Gold Dust looks way more golden. I also have a little jar of Satin somewhere, but I cannot find it at the moment.

All of them are applied dry on the photos. Which was not a good idea, because when used dry Blaze gets all over everything (the bits of brown glitter everywhere is Blaze).


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